Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know... I KNOW....

I've been MIA the last couple of days.....
Can you guess because of what????

mmmmm maybe because I've been bitten by the Twilight Bug!!!!
I have left all my tools, adhesives and papers and started reading again!
Wooo la! Needless to say, LOVING the series! Almost done book #2! It all started last Friday when I was visiting Magali and family in MTL....

We went with our respective "boys" and saw Fast and Furious #4. It was still early for us to go home so the "girls" pulled the movie card on them and decided for Twilight (Magali had read the full series and was really itching to see the movie, me I was on the fence because I really thought that it was going to be more on the vampire side than the romantic....) but boy ohhhhhh boy was I surprised! LOVED it! Magali then proposed the full series to read and I accepted! The only down side I may say is it's in French and the translation is not the best, being the European French.... the wording is horrible (insert Rach will pass me the English version and I will switch over, however tempting offer on the Market - Costco 50$ I think for all 4... I will see) * This is one step of the steps... working on BALANCE (2009 word)!

I have also started yesterday one of my classes for May {INSERT: super Exited to play with the Sassafras Lass - Vintage Yummy} to create a double page layout about "All about ME" series (taking the time to scrap our own life) starting in May at the Scrapbox. Starting with the group age "0 to 5", this paper line will be the perfect match! Photos to follow! However you are able to sign up now by calling the store at 613.745.2215 - class Friday May 8 at 6pm Members 23$/26 nonmembers.

Also to follow.... 2 other great projects for May a mini album and a full Saturday class Mix Media Canvas class. Again for details, please call the store! Samples and photos again to follow!

What else is exiting....mmmm maybe this w-end! Leaving with a few good friends (Mell, Renee, Meg, Karen, Janet, Dorrie...+++) for Smith Falls for the Donna Downey event! How exiting is that! 2 days, 3 classes.... I just can't wait!

I just received a pre Birthday Gift from my mom... LOVE it! She made me an reversible Apron Black with pink stitches on 1 side and Polka Dot (black background dots lime, light and dark pink!) Ohhhhhhh I can't wait to put it to use wile teaching or during the upcoming w-end! Will have next time around my name stitched on it, she didn't have the chance to do it before leaving for her vacation and will add also a big pink flower on it...!

Ok that's it for now!

Have a fantastic day, loving the weather!


Kataroo said...

oooh I love the sound of your apron, bring it to navcan!!

snooks said...

Your apron sounds awesome! You'll have to wear it and show it off when you're teaching your classes.

Barb said...

Hope you had a GREAT time with Donna Downey! :)
I'll be on the lookout for you apron the next time I see you at The Scrapbox. :) :)

Anya said...

I have all four books in English if you want to borrow them Steph.