Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back... More than 2000 pictures later!

Here's 7 pictures that captures some of the moments of the past week... A precious little boy, family reunion, quality time with my sister (even if some days she had 6 activities to attend), good moments with Stephane and multiple visits with Magali, Maxime and Loic!

First morning, after a few hours of sleep,
big smile always present, Sebastiano is a bundle of joy!

Here's him again enjoying some juice in our high chair that was used by all 3 of us when we were kids... my mom was quite happy to have kept it for Seby.

Family picture, thanks Stéphane for your patience during the session.

All 3 ~ silly once again and "Rocking it"!

My sister is an incredible mom and this is Sebastiano's
favorite thing to do currently!

The 3 girls back together once again!

Amazing moments also with my Godson Loïc! He truly enjoyed our birthday gift a complete Pirate costume with sword and hook, wanted even to bring them to pre-school last Monday as is favorite toy!

A small recap with pictures....
We are going back this w-end and I will have once again more picture I am sure!
Enjoy your day!
Stéphanie xx


Kataroo said...

you look so much like your sister :) And the baby, oh oh oh he is sooo cute. I am happy that you got to see them :) Beautiful memories :)

Mellisa said...

your nephew is way too cute. And Loic ... such a big boy! I love the photo with you and your brother and sister. Great inspiration for a layout - well .. if you were going to do it! lol

Dorrie said...

What a wonderful gift to be reunited with your sister and nephew.. and what a beautiful family you all are!