Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing Greedo and last weeks events!

Here are a few pictures of our newest member at our home.... Greedo (aka Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Movies). After debating with other names we really love this one! Phonetically in French "Gree" sounds like the color Grey, so just perfect for him! He is not even 2 months and we are enjoying his company to the fullest. Plays for hours with Stephane and then snuggles and sleep with me (good mother/father figure I think!) Happily introduce once at the store, to Stephane's mom, Katie and the girls, Dorrie and Louise (tante Loulou) yesterday!

On September 19-20, we enjoyed some last moments with my sister and Seby as they were going back home on the 22nd. We had a great weekend and having Greedo the Monday night made it easier on the big sister that finds good-byes always so hard. Planning a spring visit for the Christening of baby Sophie as my brother and me will be the Godparents.

Last week Monday and Tuesday "super Dorrie" came to the rescue! Let's put it out that I needed some help to get back on track, organize and purge some of my scrapbook item's. Thanks Dorrie for your help and hard love. I was then ready to get ride of some items at the Garage sale last Saturday! A great feeling.... After all will be done, I am planning to start a little venture with Etsy. Watch out for that in the future!

I also completed some project's for the store last week (need to take pictures)! Tonight I am finishing my upcoming card class (X-mas theme Using some Tim Hotlz stamps with the Sticky back Canvas and paints of Claudine Hellmuth ) and a 2 Canvas project with the Pink Paislee Seasonal line.

Saturday Rach and John we having us (Katie, Laurie, Dorrie and me) over for diner... to celebrate Rach's b-day. WOW! once again John, you were an amazing cook... like I said "From the beginning, to the middle and up to the end, all was just amazing!" Thanks guys for the delightful evening!

Sunday - Stephane prepared us a fabulous breakfast and at 1pm Loulou came and visited us up to 6 to do organizing. We had a beautiful afternoon, able to chat without interruptions and get 2 big Turquoise bins completely done and empty! Thanks Louise for your help!

This am was - recycle day - YEAH!!!!! 2 large plastic bag with all my empty packaging's of plastic was left on the curb, ahhhhhh feels good!

Busy week this one will be!
Today & Tomorrow - finishing projects, Wednesday and Thursday teaching 2 almost sold out classes ("Me and my pet #2" and the left page of my Grand Mothers layout "Sweet memories") * I think I have 1 or 2 spots left in the classes, so if you are interested, call the store 613-745-2215. Friday and Saturday cropping at the store with Katie, Rach and her mom for the 2 days and Loulou is joining us for the Friday night. Katie will be enjoying accommodations at the S Team lodge, unfortunately no light saber demonstration this time around, Stephane will be gone at his Hunting camp to get the upcoming season ready!

I was really overdue for a post! This was a long recap!
Enjoy your Week!
Stéphanie xx


Joanne C said...

The kitten is absolutely adorable!!!

Jenn Langlois said...

He is really very cute and Emma can`t wait to meet him! =)

Thanks for the udpate was a busy week non?


Kataroo said...

so sweeeeeeeeeeet, and Kayleigh fav little cat.

So looking forward to the weekend :) sad about missing stephane's how though, maybe you could put one on for me? lol

Louise Dubord said...

This kitty is just the cutest! He melts my heart! Darn, I should have asked for a light saber demo yesterday. I used to fence in college and university and the saber was my favorite. Watch out Stéphane!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday for classes, on Friday for the crop and .... A great and busy week ahead!

Diva Loca said...

ok - i'm not even a pet person but your kitty is super CUTE!!!

yahoooooo for change and forward go girl!

famille1999 said...

Look at that cutie pie!!! Super cute. :)

Dorrie said...

I am the "Jillian" of tough love sometimes but only because i care about you.
A little everyday... one step at a time...and i know you are busy...but 10 mins everyday Steph.. busy or not.. take the 10 minutes and do something that will make you feel great in the end...cleanthat one spot.. empty that one container...
give it charity or a something that feels wonderful...

I know you are ready for change. I am proud of so proud of you! Keep it up girl!
PS. Youlooked very peaceful and happy on Saturday.. i think everyone noticed.
and the cat is cute.. THERE i said it! LOL

Louise Dubord said...

I second Dorrie's comments. Just a bit, everyday. Once the major stuff is done, it will be manageable. Like Dorrie, I am so proud of you and you are inspiring me to get more organized. Even D (who thinks I have too much stuff)was very encouraging and said it showed that I was making some progress, that it looked more organized...

I am there for you. Love you. XXXX