Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sassafras Lass - All about me class

First thing... Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog, emails and facebook messages that I received for my birthday, that totally warmed up my heart and made my day extra special! Hugs and kisses {XOX}!

And now presenting the 1st class of the series "All about me" - my favorite things! It's time to start scrapbooking about you! Yes... we are starting from the beginning... the age group 0 to 5! The Sassafras Lass "A touch of Whimsy" and 'A Beautiful Life' paper product lines is just perfect for this!

Please call us at 613-745-2215 to reserve your spot!
2 Dates for you: Friday May 8th at 6pm Thursday May 28th at 6pm
Cost is only $23 for Members!
I'm packing my supplies once again and this time around it's to enjoy some good quality time with my closest friends and we are heading up to Navcan for the w-end!
Have a fantastic w-end, for me it's all ready started since yesterday... I'm on vacations till Tuesday of next week! Yeah!
Hugs and have a wonderful day
Stéphanie xx

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 year older!

Adding a new year to the toll... I'm 33 today!
I love having my b-day on Earth day, it makes me more conscious about our first home...our planet!

I had lots of little surprises since the beginning of the day
  • my cubicle was decorated
  • a friend at work baked cupcakes for me to share with my friends ~ thanks Caroline!
  • received special calls: my sister in Italy, my parents and my mother in law! They all sang me happy b-day over the phone and each of them sang me a different song and made it special
  • Got a special video from Katie and Kayleigh * thanks that warmed up my heart!
  • Beautiful emails from fantastic friends - Rach, Laurie, Louise and Mellisa
  • lots of Facebook messages on my wall
  • at it's only 10h30.... the day is not over!
Enjoy your day, I will for sure!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from an amazing w-end with "just" Donna!

Who is "Just" Donna... you may ask?
Yes I am referring to Donna Downey! Now I can refer to simply or "just" Donna having spent 48 hours with her!

ONE Word... INSPIRED! I know it's Donna's trade mark, but it represent totally my emotions and state of mind after the 2 days spend with her. No pictures yet of my 3 projects (they are not totally completed yet) and when they are done I will post them! From paint, to special mediums, to the little tricks on the side, I learned so much during the w-end and channelled my inner Artist!

Down to earth, FUNNY, Captivating... she is really a pleasure to hang with!
Speaking of that we were lucky to have a "little" visit to our room until the weeeee hours of the night enjoying a great chat, some smelly feet =) and 1 paper bag Canadian beer!

I can now say that my favorite treat now from Starbucks is an Non fat, No water Chai tea latte....mmmmmm delicious, thanks Donna for the experience!

Meg, Mell, Donna, Me and Renée

Thanks Cheryl for the "happy hands" picture!

Before we left Smith Falls we enjoy a bit to eat (Donna, Mell and me). I add offered at the beginning of the day my company at the airport as a few hours were open during the time the rental car needed to be returned and for her flight to leave. Mellisa was just not ready for the weekend to be over and decided to join us!

What an unforgettable weekend!

That's it for now to report!

Have a wonderful week
The B-Fri Stephanie (yes given by miss Donna)!

PS I was so tired returning home but really happy to see Stephane, he had so much to chat about his own w-end and we are getting ready for the Sci-Fi Spectacular event at the Ottawa NAC. I will be a Senate Guard Thursday night to participate with him as a "non official 501 st member" and then Friday I am leaving with the girls to Navcan for the full w-end! What an exiting week/weekend it will be!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know... I KNOW....

I've been MIA the last couple of days.....
Can you guess because of what????

mmmmm maybe because I've been bitten by the Twilight Bug!!!!
I have left all my tools, adhesives and papers and started reading again!
Wooo la! Needless to say, LOVING the series! Almost done book #2! It all started last Friday when I was visiting Magali and family in MTL....

We went with our respective "boys" and saw Fast and Furious #4. It was still early for us to go home so the "girls" pulled the movie card on them and decided for Twilight (Magali had read the full series and was really itching to see the movie, me I was on the fence because I really thought that it was going to be more on the vampire side than the romantic....) but boy ohhhhhh boy was I surprised! LOVED it! Magali then proposed the full series to read and I accepted! The only down side I may say is it's in French and the translation is not the best, being the European French.... the wording is horrible (insert Rach will pass me the English version and I will switch over, however tempting offer on the Market - Costco 50$ I think for all 4... I will see) * This is one step of the steps... working on BALANCE (2009 word)!

I have also started yesterday one of my classes for May {INSERT: super Exited to play with the Sassafras Lass - Vintage Yummy} to create a double page layout about "All about ME" series (taking the time to scrap our own life) starting in May at the Scrapbox. Starting with the group age "0 to 5", this paper line will be the perfect match! Photos to follow! However you are able to sign up now by calling the store at 613.745.2215 - class Friday May 8 at 6pm Members 23$/26 nonmembers.

Also to follow.... 2 other great projects for May a mini album and a full Saturday class Mix Media Canvas class. Again for details, please call the store! Samples and photos again to follow!

What else is exiting....mmmm maybe this w-end! Leaving with a few good friends (Mell, Renee, Meg, Karen, Janet, Dorrie...+++) for Smith Falls for the Donna Downey event! How exiting is that! 2 days, 3 classes.... I just can't wait!

I just received a pre Birthday Gift from my mom... LOVE it! She made me an reversible Apron Black with pink stitches on 1 side and Polka Dot (black background dots lime, light and dark pink!) Ohhhhhhh I can't wait to put it to use wile teaching or during the upcoming w-end! Will have next time around my name stitched on it, she didn't have the chance to do it before leaving for her vacation and will add also a big pink flower on it...!

Ok that's it for now!

Have a fantastic day, loving the weather!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I love production lines!

I just got a few of the pictures of the different steps I needed to make for my fabric project (thanks Cindy) and I am really loving creating in a chain type assembly line.... For I need to make doubles or series of something... boy loving the chain work!

It's the same thing with ATC's, cards for Xmas.... anything that is done in a series love it!
I just wanted to share a photo of the different elements that I have used to create this fabric project and to follow Donna's last week Fabric ATC's post (see middle section of her post), that's what I will be doing next... A little series of Fabric ATC's. Wanna Swap? I know I have Catherine lined up for this one for sure (Catherine it's my monthly one that is going your way).

I can toss a few more in the mail.... to 3 ladies interested to swap ATC! Willing to swap, just let me know by commenting in the comment section!
EDITED: ANY kind of ATC! I removed the fabric part of the ATC, I realized that if can be out of the box!

It's "officially" Hump day today! Yes Laurie pointed that out this AM in a email and it's want I needed to read to motivated my self even more!

Have a happy week creating!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fabric pages completed!

Et voila!

6 of them all completed and 1 pending to receive ~ can't wait for yours Mellisa!

Renée, Meg and I had a little get together to swap our fabric pages (Renée is hosted a swap in occurrence with the Donna Downey even in Smith Falls to have as a keepsake of the event) and Katie join us in the fun of creating a fabric page also even if she is not attending!

What a fun thing to do! Loved it! I had an idea and the final product is really close to what I had envisioned! However my sewing machine was crating lots of frustrating moments when I was trying to put it all together.... but thanks to 3 sewing Angels (Luce, Laurie and Cindy) I am really happy with it!

3 layers of fabric for the backing, Tulle, Lace, Ribbon, K & Co paper, Dew Drops, Metal clip by Tim Holtz, Metal word and smaller silk flowers from Michaels.

Ruffled tulle ( 2 size) with lace done with my sewing machine
added the pick grosgrain bow on top

The large paper flower is from Prima and was white! It was Glimmer misted with a few colors + I made custom water/ink/perfect pearl mix (same thing as Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels) and sprayed it even more with my Ranger mini mister.... All dried up with a eat gun (thanks Nancy for sharing with me Glimmer Mist and eat gun!). The Velvet leafs are also by Prima!

The back is printable fabric stitched with the swing machine.
I love the flocked/velvet fabric I found.... would love to make cushions with the rest that I have!

Last week was a busy week and eventful week.
I happy that it's all over!
Also for those that may be wondering.... My sister is OK she lives about 2 hours from the zone of the 6.3 magnitude quake that happen during the night yesterday in Italy and all their little family or neighbours are all OK. Good sign of relief I was able to get in touch via Internet with Liz her friend and neighbour! oufff!
It's a 4 days week, I am happy with that and next w-end I will be also enjoying some time in Montréal! I will try to update more often this week, if i can!
Stéphanie xx