Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just back from Disney~!

Well last week was big trip # 2 of the year!
We went to Florida and enjoyed some beautiful and HOT & HUMIDE Orlando temparature, Celebration V (Star Wars convention) & quality time at some of the Disney's Fabulous parks!

Was good to step away for 8 days and enjoy time with Stephane & our friends. To rent a house was really the best economical way to go when 6 adults are paying. 20$ a night for ea - 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms + a pool and screen in backyard. (oupsy just realized I took ZERO pictures of the house... I hope Magali got some!)

For the rest Greedo our cat was really happy to see us back and I am trying to short all our photos. Stephane had his own camera + Mag & her mom had hers.... so those I will only get at the next long weekend.

Have a great hump day!
St├ęphanie xx♥

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Kataroo said...

looking forward to seeing your pictures