Friday, August 27, 2010

Loving my new phone!

Stephane surprised me yesterday with this new cell phone!
Love it - just missing a pink protective cover!

A Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

I have allot to learn about it....should be an interesting w-end!
My fab "Tens" are loaded, got a great plan and can't wait to see the apps and all!
Hugs and have a great w-end!
St├ęphanie xx♥


Barb said...

Have fun with your new phone! :D

Mellisa said...

oooh. its like an iphone. have fun.

Mellisa said...

oh ya ... and if you dont have it already, get the protective film for the screen. It scratches SO fast.

Kataroo said...

fun :)

ChrisS said...

My DH just got the same one, he loves it! I have a blackberry