Monday, January 12, 2009

Simplify and Balance

Simplify: V - (transitive) To make simple, either by reducing in complexity, reducing to component parts, or making easier to understant.


Balance: A state of equilibrium.

Not for nothing that I picked 2 words for 2009... Simplify and Balance!
This is page #2 for the previous post about my 2009 "Words"!

Need to simplify... less is more... Make less options and take action (that's the sens I was going for). This would make my life easier in all aspect!

And balance, to gain balance in my life style (food), balance betwin the "real job" and my "scrapbooking job", to have an equal balance for my personal work and the one for my LSS and teaching and keep time for me and Stephane!

Happy Monday!
St├ęphanie xx
Tomorrow will be sharing 2 pages made with the amazing
Little Yellow Bicycle line: Love Letters! One page is all Grey and Black with a small touch of white! Love it!


Mary Moore said...

Good words to live by, for sure. I need to do both.

Kataroo said...

one word...striking!

marilyn said...

Great words for 2009. I was going to use balance as mine and decided on "action" as in "just DO it". That will hopefully help me with my procrastination problems both in work and play. I can see why you are on a design team - the pages are stunning!

Barb said...

I love your page, Stephanie... you always look so pretty in every single photo I see. :)
Great words to live by. I hope you can simplify and find balance in 2009.