Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Layout = good currency for a gambling dept!

A few months ago Jenn and I were having a little common discussion ( I can't remember the subject) and basically we were both sure of our answer.... We decided with the famous handshake, that once we figure out the answer, one or the other would have to make a layout to the "winner" of the correct answer. Well it looks like I didn't win and here's the layout I created for her during the past weekend.

A picture that her mom took of Jenn, brother, cousin and grand mother. A picture dear to her heart and under the picture I left a special place for her to journaling about that special moment, that day....oh happy day! (FYI title changed to day and not days) The 7 gypsies hinges are perfect to use for this type of hidden journaling! + all my favorites: paper clips and pin, vintage lace, velvet brown ribbon, prima flower, bling.... Tim Holtz tags!

I truly hope Jenn that you love your, next on my plate (layout need to be in Mell's hand on the superbowl day....) yes I lost another bet... last year team that I had selected lost the superbowl and Mellisa 2 years in a row won the winning layout!

Have a great Tuesday!
St├ęphanie xx


Barb said...

Man, I need to get in on a bet with you! :P
Beautiful work, as always! :)

Rachel said...

STEPHIE IS BACK... you so know I love this! LOL


Kataroo said...

yes I need to loose a bet to. This is phenomenal work!! Now Jenn can have a piece of SIGNATURE STEPHANIE...you know some day when you design your own product you should call it SIGNATURE STEPHANIE :)

Tanya said...

what a beautiful layout. I love how big this photo is.