Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting with Donna, Gilles and the kids!

A beautiful weekend it was!

Even after 4 years since the last time we saw Donna and Gilles, it seams that it was just yesterday..... however they add 3 little ones to introduce! Alyssa, Sarah (fraternal twins) and little Jacques! Cute, adorable sweet kids!

They hade rented a beautiful Log House at the Fiddler Lake Resort. (Magali confirmed that this location was used to film part of the Quebec's reality show "Occupation Double").

Dream location for sure.... We played a bit outside despite the nasty "eating bugs" {quote from the kids}, baked cookies, jumped and draw with our fingers for hours on the suede couch! Catching up with Donna and Gilles was also great!

Sarah was the most adorable little girl. I took a bunch of photos of her when we were outside ( Jacques and Alyssa were taking a needed nap!)

Sunday morning Gilles surprised Donna with some special mother's day shirt that all 3 kids were wearing ~ PRECIOUS!

Last night, I played for the store with the new Cosmo Cricket line "Girl Friday" and Sarah's pictures were perfect for the paper line! A second layout to follow tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday!


Shontelle said...

Great layout, and you're right Sarah is adorable...they all are!

Kataroo said...

I love that you got out and enjoyed the flowers, the pictures are beautiful. Those kids are ADORABLE!!! I bet you loved scrapping them :)