Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last night Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts and Humanities Book Signing event!

The 501st Capital City Squad were asked directly by Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction author) last night to participate at his book singing event with co-author Brian Herbert promoting their new book The Winds of Dune.

Yesterday: ~ 42°c with humidex! Must I say more.... Hot, Sticky and Humid!
Amazing evening, meeting both authors, taking good pictures, 4 hours with Stephane and his buddies, suiting up to participate in the most closed up bucket of all the Star Wars costumes....

Needing a bit of air, to cool my self after a few minutes with the big red "bucket"
It almost looks like Stephane and I just got married.... walking out of the church doors...

Happy hubby at the end of the troop!

It was also great meeting an amazing photographer John W MacDonald, responsible for taking pictures during the Writers Festival events, wow I have been lurking his blog since this morning... wow stunning photos!
No Scrapbooking to share, but Star Wars is now part of my day to day activities and boy it's fun!
St├ęphanie xx


Kataroo said...

Wouldn't surprise me if that was you and Stephane walking out of the church after getting married....mmmm maybe that's an idea...a really cool one.

Karen's Violetbliss said...

Theme wedding...KOOL!!!