Monday, August 17, 2009

Shadow or Neyo!

Well in 7 to 8 weeks we will be welcoming a little fur ball at home!

So so so happy! I had the chance this weekend to hold him, 1 week old, all grey with maybe a few white spots or tiger stripes not sure yet he is too small! Totally forgot my camera... Usually I don't leave home without it, so I guess we will need to go visit him maybe next Sunday to take a few pictures!

Stephane said "I guess we will have a new Star Wars action figure at home!!!!!" His future name is still not decided.... Choice #1: Shadow for the black costume troopers. I liked the "Stéphanie, Stephane and Shadow..." OR #2 Neyo for Commander Neyo.... So I have some major cleaning / clearing up to do and I think it was the perfect kick in the but. We lost Maya on August 23 of last year, so this will bring lots of joy back to our home.

Yesterday I was really "emotionally" ready to do my layouts for the All about me series "my pet" featuring Maya. I was picking up the photos since 2 weeks and it was to hard, tearing up every time, big ball in chest, just not working for the mojo! It will be in this week newsletter, therefore will be able to share it after!

What a hot day yesterday it was! After taking 3 showers in the day, I manage to have a semi descent night of sleep!

Enjoy your week, soon some pics, layouts and creative stuff to share!
Stéphanie xx


Louise Dubord said...

Ohoooooohhh! It must be so hard to look at pictures of Maya. I can relate entirely. I am still like that for a cat who passed away almost 9 years ago. Maya will always be in your heart, but there's enough room in your heart for another kitty. I am so happy for you that you made the decision. Yes, your baby will bring a lot of joy to you! Can't wait to meet him. So now you have to "kittyproof" your home for sure. My crazy cats are 2 years' old, and they are still not allowed where I scrap. They can get in too much trouble. Maybe at the new house it will be different because I will have more room... We will see.
Have a good week

Kataroo said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE soooo excited for you and I can't wait to play with the little fur ball!!