Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Enjoy life & Happiness"

After another busy weekend (trip to Montréal for my Mom's retirement party on Friday, a day with my family Saturday and some more limited time with Magali and Maxime on Sunday) we came back both exhausted and went pretty much directly to bed Sunday at 8h15pm (if you know me I have often on every night 3 hours of TV time that I like to watch, therefore I am usually shutting off the lights around 11h15pm...) Being in bed that early means I needed a good night sleep!

I was able to complete this layout started weeks ago at Katie's when I visited for Halloween. "Enjoy life & Happiness" 2 strong sentiment that I am trying really hard to embrace every day right now. I don't know if it's that I realized that my sister is once again gone back to where her home is..., the seasonal change, stresses at work, problems regulating my Iron and B12 once again, deciding to stay here and not go to New Brunswick during the holidays with the family like we always do.... but it seams that I am missing lately the "smiling me" and the "Stechie" that my friends and family love.

I find it really fitting what I have created and leaving it here hanging at work to view every day and to remember what this person was and Is (picture taken 10 years ago during University years on a boat near the Roché Percé in Gaspésie during a summer vacation with Magali and Maxime).

I don't want to hide what's happening and I think for my process I need to share it and I know that I am not alone it this big boat! It seams that all my good buddies are having shitty days like this and I guess us women align periods some times, so this must probably again a trick of Mother Nature to make us stronger and to be there for each other as we are living similar stuff on different levels (our own unique situation that makes our sky less blue and are days less happy)!

So here's to a better week... to a 2 week vacation over the holiday period... to good friends to chat with and to get back on track (thanks Loulou, Katie and Jenn), to be more positive and a to be a smiling person and to have a balanced soul (yes was one of my words of 2009; it's not too late)!
Stéphanie xx


Louise Dubord said...

Love you wonderful Lady!
You have so many riches inside you that you will be able to conquer the beast. Some days and some weeks are heavier than others on our soul, but we are in charge and we won't let things control our lives. We are stronger than we think and we have treasures hidden inside us. We just have to dig deep and we will find them. There will even be a bonus : PRIDE in ourselves for finding the strength. I am here with my shovel ready to help!

Kataroo said...

I am smiling in my soul at Lou Lou's "SHOVEL "

Life and happiness a beautiful sentiment :) Sounds like this post was good therapy :)

Love you

Rachel said...

OMG Lou Lou you are amazing .. and yes Stechie ... aligned or not .. let's get thru all of this shit together! I know we haven't chatted due to schedules but I am here for you .. and looking forward to getting our chatty groove on!


Elise said...

Wonderful blog! I love your wisdom and that you share it so readily! Have a wonderful week, my friend!