Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun!

Almost a full 24 hours at my dearest friend Katie's over the weekend! Fabulous time with her family and took almost 200 pictures of the Halloween celebrations! Kayleigh was kind to lend me her bed, got 1/2 layout done and watch a movie with Ryan's company, tried new types of pizza (good to go out of my box) and just pure enjoyment of spending time with the most cutest little girls Kayleigh and Kasey!

I took a tones of pictures of Kayleigh in front of the pumpkin and these were my $$$ shots of the weekend!
Kasey grinning! She's the most lovable child, xx
4 witches ready to pass Halloween! The Squires left to pass as a family (until little Kasey had her quota) and I was giving the candies at their door, was fun!
When Katie came back with mini K we gave out the candy outside, keeping us warm with a little glass of vino! ;)
Kayleigh just after passing Halloween
with a remaining hallow of orange make-up!
This was the cutest thing....
Both of them hiding in the orange chair...
little dress peaking out and their special socks...

Thanks Katie for taking pics of me in costume,
can't wait to scrap them next w-end!

And one of little Greedo, he was a good boy yesterday - cuddling with me all day and sleeping pretty much all evening (trying to catch one pic of him, when sleeping - but he was faster than me, waking up!)

A great weekend, yesterday Loulou came for 5 hours to continue organize my scrap stuff, what an accomplishment 1/5 left to do - yeah! Feels good to see an end in site!
Have a great week,
More scrapping update soon on some of my upcoming classes!
Stéphanie xx


Lorrie said...

What fabulous pics Steph. I can hardly wait to see how your creative talents will turn them into layouts this weekend!

Diva Loca said...

those pictures of you girls are STUNNING!!!

I can't get over how photogenic Kay is! it's insane...

super cute. Looks like a great time!!!

Kataroo said...

Thank-you for much for the beautiful photos!!! I spent an hour printing them today for the crop sunday. THANK_YOU

Louise Dubord said...

Those pictures are even better in regular size than on the back screen of your camera! You are a gorgeous lady!

Louise Dubord said...

Oh! And Greedo is the most scrumptious little baby! He is so cuddly and cute. I am in looooooove! He even kissed me (well licked my nose) and let me pet him and hold him and cuddle him! And we still did lots of work even with the cutest distraction close to us.

Rachel said...

OMG GORGEOUS PICS STEPH! GORGEOUS! And WTF .. even as a witch you're freakin beautiful! LOL I am so glad you had so much fun ... it's warm my heart when I know everyone is happy!