Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 things

  • I was prepared to take a picture this am of my poppy I got for Remembrance Day and do a small post as a tribute, but when I wanted to take the picture my beloved camera was not able to "create a folder" and I wasn't able to view all my pictures on the card.... so I may be having a small problem on my hands. So i will be going at lunch to get my self a new camera card, lets hope that it's just that.

To all troops around the world, veterans, lost soldiers, retired ones (Rach), families and friends my thoughts goes to you today.

  • Second one was... I had a fantastic weekend over at the Scrapbox as we celebrated your second anniversary. Friday was a great night with Rach and her mom and Saturday was with Loulou, Katie and newest friend Emma (who won the first prize in celebration of the "Box" anniversary)! I worked on my December Daily (yes so happy to be doing it this year, following a trend that Ali is setting!) Pictures will be posting soon when I will be able to use my camera.... ;(

  • And in third... I have a full house for my 2 classes of this week! Yeah! Thursday All About Me: Christmas Past with the Websters papers and Saturday for my Canvases Class #2 with the Little Yellow Bicycle collection! Working hard on my upcoming ones for December, due to the shorter business weeks in December I will be only offering 2 classes 2 page layout for my All About Me series (Xmas 2009) and a Calendar project to decorate your home!

Have a great end of week... all ready Wednesday... almost half way there!

My brother and SIL are visiting us this weekend with their Pug, can't wait how Greedo will react! hiiiiiiiiii




Louise Dubord said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! Pug + Greedo = interesting! Mmmmm! I hope it goes well! Hiiiiiii!

Kataroo said...

I had so much fun this weekend with you:)

i miss you already!!!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the beautiful shout out and the e-mail girl .. sorry I wasn't there yesturday! It was best I stayed home believe me!

Hugs and chat soon!