Monday, November 16, 2009

A busy week = a busy w-end

OK... I manage to be able to use once again my memory card on my camera... not sure what happened last week... so here's a couple pics of my daily December that I have started.

We had a great visit from my bother, SIL and Benjo the dog (all went well in general with Greedo but he had many physical transformations over the weekend.... ;) and I am not too sure why!) Arched back, hair dressed up on his back, a puffy tail of a 4" diameter (OK exaggerating just a bit) and some hissing and growling...!

At the departure it seamed that they were almost acquainted and OK to potentially play together.... lets see what happens at the next visit.

A busy class but we made it Saturday, a fabulous dinner and drinks at Moxie's, 2 movies and some relaxation on sunder and I made my famous ribs for diner and They were on their way back home around 8h30pm yesterday and in bed at 9... I was just pooped out, no jokes there.

Hoping for a good week, appointments here and there, 1 class, my mon's retirement party Friday, crossing my fingers to go see new moon with Magali Saturday...that's pretty much what's planed in big!

Hugs and have a great week!
Stéphanie xx


Diva Loca said...

your album is GORGEOUS!!! just love it

Can't wait to see it all filled with yummy memories...

Kataroo said...

Can we trade?

Shontelle said...

Beautiful album! Your talents never cease to amaze me!

Rachel said...

WOW WOW WOW! Killed it babe .. killed it! Looking forward to seeing ya tomorrow .. great chatting today! Loves ya!