Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little ATC for Catherine Matthews-Scanlon!

I completely forgot to share the little ATC I made for Catherine Matthews-Scanlon during the w-end!

I made this little series of 2 one named "Enjoy" for Catherine and "Beautiful" for me to keep as a memento! I do not sew as good as she can, but at lease I gave it a try! After my w-end of scrapping for my Jenni Bowlin application I had the sewing machine all set up to add a little touch! I also made the back ground paper with a small piece of a corrugated box and with multiple stamped image of the stamp that was in the Jenni B Kit. Oh I {heart} this stamp! Lacquered the letter and voila!

I'm going on my lunch break to post it off to you! You should see it soon! I hope you like it!
St├ęphanie xx


Closet Artist said...

To borrow a favorite word from my daughter, these are "fabulous"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Jennifer. I just sent you an email and it bounced back undeliverable.

Kataroo said...

FABO indeed!!

Mellisa said...

Ver beautiful. I havent jumped on the ATC bandwagon yet, but the itch is there.

Catherine said...

BEAUTIFUL Stephanie!! Yours is going in the mail today, have a great weekend!

Lynette said...

You have wonderful style!