Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ok it's late... but i had to post!

A few days ago...last Friday to be precise, after having my fabulous haircut I went to visit the store... After having the most wonderful welcome by Jenn... I was really surprised to find the full 5 new lines of Basic Grey (Eva, Offbeat, Granola, Urbain Prairie and Ambrosia) in the "Scrapbox" house! They were all snuggle one against the others in 4 boxes to unpack!

However Jenn had a plan in mind... She was hosting a b-day girl party and the girls were going to make fun little tins to bring home. Let me put you i contexte...When I started in last May designing for the store, Jenn really wanted a tin decorated for her "blank envelops" and was hinting for me to take the challenge. This was yet done... until last Friday! "The Tin" made his move.... and landed in my hands! Now it was a "Stickle Tin" that needed some TLC! ohhhhhh boy... This was actually my first Tin that I had to embellish and I just completely covered in a rainbow of Stickles and use the new Urbain Prairie line! I needed to keep it simple as the little girls were going to reproduce it the following morning! Well let me tell you less than 25 minutes later it's was all done and drying (I really covered it with stickles!)

I was working the following morning and I almost imputed all the new BG in the system and I can now say that I am a "certified" Scrapbox clerk to add new yummies on the wall! I will pass in a few weeks a ISO certification to confirm my abilities and my certificate will be located at the back of the cash!!!!

Now to my treat that i received from Rachel! At Navcan just before our departure, Rach gave me this layout just to put a extra smile on my face! Thanks Rach I love it! Will start up a new album just for it, i realize that I don't have small layouts! FYI- I look really tired on this photo taken mmm 3 years ago at your first official ya.ya b-day event at Rachel's ! A few "wobblies' didn't help the ohhh very natural look!

OK got to go to bed....

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Kataroo said...

how cool is that tin!!! I love all the stickles and great idea for storage!!

I had no idea that Jenn's store was ISO certified....that's a lot of work to maintain....good for you Stephanie :) I love that your so happy there.