Tuesday, March 25, 2008

True Friends...

Last week I went and visited my dear Ya.Ya Katie
and was inspired by the colors of the new big girl room that her daughter Kayleigh will be having soon! Last night I wanted to use that color combo to do a layout and this is what I made! Thanks Katie for the inspirational colors and sending a big hug and love your way!

Tonight... I'm printing my pictures for my upcoming w-end @ Navcan and then it's packing my stuff... and I'm truly trying to pack extra light this time!



Mellisa said...

Grr! Curse this work connection. I can never see all of your images when I am here. I will have to wait until I get home but I am sure it's beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, an Aussie girl who saw you on the MM blog!! You do such beautiful work and I was inspired by your pages. I love the love story, noteworthy and garden party lines from MM , cannot do know wrong on your page. Curious as to where you get your flowers and bling around the photos? thanks Natallie

Anonymous said...

Another lovely layout. Bravo.

Um, packing light?? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! But I am one to talk. Really, for what we actually used we should have had one bag and maybe a "tool" bag. And that's between us :)

Good luck packing ma belle.


Kataroo said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh i love it, the colors, the deatils, i love the way you filled out the ticket. In my fav file!!!

Tanya said...

love the colours...wtg!

Ellen said...

Hi I'am from the Netherlands and jut found your beautiful blog. So so love what your making. Lots of inspiration here.
I'll be back soon ;-))