Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upcoming w-end @ Navcan

Just wanted to pop by and say that I can't wait to go with all my close friends at Navcan this w-end! Leaving tomorrow around 7am to meet up with Mellisa and we will ride there together! We will be missing our ya.ya Katie but will make it up soon @ your place or one of ours for some great scrappin fun before the baby pops out!

I have lots on my TO DO LIST... mostly I wanted to scrap all my favorite pictures taken in the past years on a 6 X 12 format! Can wait to take new pictures... Spring is here... Finally I will be able to take good pictures outside, it's so gloomy and non inspiring currently!

Tonight if I have time to take pictures, I have a shadow box that I made for my friend Suzane! If it's not tonight... I will update back on Sunday or Monday with all my little creations!


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