Saturday, March 22, 2008

My favorite color combo!

Almost 7 years, I left one of my greatest passions... the art of flowers. To be more precise, I didn't really technically left the flowers, but more the profession. I was a florist for 5+ years during college and university. It remains my favorite job and it really made me happy like scrapbooking does for me now! Playing with colors, styles, textures both are very similar. I really miss it, however I'm very grateful to continue to push my creative juice in a different medium. When I completed this layout, it really made me think of when I was makings flower arrangements and the colors that would make my eyes smile!

Enjoy your w-end!


Paola said...

Great layout! Fabulous!

brn2scrp said...

So pretty!

barb said...

Ooooooh, such pretty colours. I love the felt embellishments and the jewels. You're right... great colours, great textures. :)

You must've been an awesome florist. :D

RyanSquires said...

This is stunning Stephanie :)