Monday, March 17, 2008

I was Tagged!

Here's my 7 Random Facts about Me... Thanks Rachel !!!!

1. Stephane and I met on the internet more than 4 years ago and happy that we can each other share your common interests. I became a Nascar fan because of him and I watch races even when he's not in the house... I know my drivers, sponsors and car numbers for the large majority of the teams. On his side...he scrappbooked a total of 16 pages since he started a few years ago and is always there to help me with a project to invent tools to help me drill accurate holes or give me advise.... even if it's only good for "another page".

2. My little sister Karoline lives in Italy since almost 3 years... and miss her tremendously.

3. My cat gives the paw, high 5's on both hands and tells us in which hand is the treat.. all Stephane's doing!

4. Can't stand any type of gum that is Watermelon flavor, but love the real stuff.

5. I always put ice in my milk... Can only drink it when it's really cold...I not sure when this started....

6. When I make French Toast at home... mine needs to be done with the "ends" of the loaf of bread.... don't like it when it's mushy.

7. Went to see Pink Floyd in September 1994 at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, the 3 and last concert and still enjoy listening to them!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie
It was great to meet you at NavCan. I love your blog almost as much as I LOVE your layouts. Added you to my favourites.
Take care