Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A busy w-end and a beginning of the week too!

Las t w-end we had the pleasure to host the 1st charity event at the store and we had lots of fun!
Magali, Maxime and Loic came from MTL to enjoy the w-end and the event with us, Maxime being also a Star Wars fan!

Loic is even featured as the top photo on Jenn weekly news letter! Thanks Jenn!

Saturday night we introduce to our visitors the "Works" and they loved it! MMMMmmmmm I had my ritual chicken Kraft diner bacon sandwich and is was so yummy! Then we went home to enjoy Iron Man! The girls napped at the end of the movie, but what a great moviw it is! Sunday was a day of shopping to find gifts for my sister's upcoming baby Sebastiano. She is due this w-end and we decided to send her a shipment of LOVE and baby necessities. She didn't have a shower and we went all out. I need to mail the box now.... we had a plan to give the goodies to Magali's brother in law that was going to Milan for a business trip but now he can't bring the gifts. I will see with Audrey if she can help out! (just got a flash!)

Then Sunday night after our visitors left, I enjoyed a nap and was itching to create and completed my second page with the "Offbeat" collection from Basic Grey. What a cute picture of Loic and I really love the colors of this collection!

Magali came down for meetings in Gatineau since Monday afternon (yes... she left Sunday night with her family and came back Monday arround 4pm.... we could have better planned it for her to simply stay here Sunday.....) and we enjoyed our 2 last evenings together to finish packing and preparing little cards for my sister's baby shower from Canada! 3 outfits (1 camo from Stephane), 5 pj's, little "Habs" Canadian hockey slippers, soft baby blankets, bibs, 8 paires of socks, baby caps, 3 summer onesies, the full bath necessities..... I truly hope that she will be happy as we are so far to be there with them to celebrate the birth of my first nephew.

Well tonight a few things on my list, speaking of lists.... I am every day making my "TO DO" list and it works perfectly for me! I feel less overwhelmed with all I need to do and more in control! So Halloween ATC's and finish the kits at the store for my Sonoma class of tomorrow. Tomorrow teaching, Friday ATC swap and enjoying a nice evening with Stephane. Saturday it's the 1st official day of hunting....

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Big hugs
St├ęphanie xx


Kataroo said...

Such beautiful gifts, she is going to be so happy, and overwhelmed and happy!! I'm so glad your doing this Stephanie I bet it helps you with not being able to see her. LOVE YOU :)

Closet Artist said...

I think you should make yourself a shirt that simply says "BUSY" on it!! LOL
Congrats to you on almost becoming an aunt. I will never forget getting the phone call the day my nephew was born 5 years ago!!

Anonymous said...

Tres beaux cadeaux! Elle va surement les aimer.

Et la page est super. J'aime les couleurs.

Jane D.

Marlene said...

Such fun to shop for baby gifts - one of my favourite things to do. Looks like you did very well! That BG collection is fabulous - I am so behind on the scrapbooking world - **sigh**. Hope you are having a wonderful week!