Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall and Xmas Junk swap on Bad Girls, Scrapbox Charity event and wishing you a lovely w-end!!

Here is a sneak peak of what I got for the swap... a few more items to add, I hope that the Antique store that I have located will have seasonal elements for me to buy to add! All my lace is perfectly rapped and attached with the pearl pin! it's looks amazing... and it got me thinking to maybe sell some on Etsy... lets see if I can add that to my busy plate!

Enjoy your w-end, make sure that if you live in the Ottawa region and you do not have any thing plan to stop at the Scrapbox and contribute to a fabulous cause Scrapping with Cancer! The 501st Star Wars Legion will be present from noon to 6pm to take pictures! My best-friend Magali, Maxime and Loic are even coming down from MTL to join the event! Maxime couldn't refuse this opportunity to have his picture taken with the boys!!!!

St├ęphanie xx


Kataroo said...

I sooooooooo can't wait to get my JUNK SWAP!! Gorgeous finds Stephanie :)

Catherine said...

Love those shoe tags, hope you have fun looking around for holiday items!

one and one + two said...

Hi, love your new blog banner!

barb said...

I love all these beautiful bits of scrappy goodness. Wow! :)
And it was GREAT to see you at the Scrapbox on the weekend. My boys LOVED it! They are so Star Wars obsessed right now, it's CRAZY.