Monday, October 13, 2008

Celebrate Thanksgiving weekend!

What a great w-end it was!
  • Enjoy a short visit with my dad before he left for Paris to get a achievement award... really cool ~ Congrats daddy!
  • Enjoy a nice diner with my mom, good quality time during the full w-end and some shopping too...! (1 size down in my pants size, really Happy about that!)
  • Seeing my best friend Magali and Maxime on Sunday and taking a tones of autumn pictures the 4 of us (always good for some scrapbooking!!! *** new picture material***)
  • Having the pleasure of seining my Godson Loic, he is the sweetest little boy ever, baked me a cake (with play dought) and singing me happy b-day, the full song and he is 3! Also having the pleasure to enjoy a gran concerto of him singing "Frère Jacques" and playing it on the piano (OK the good tempo but really not the good notes, but hey.... it was amazing!)
Enjoy a few photos on me of our fun time in the fields!
Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family time and if you are not eating Turkey or pumpkin pie, just do like us... bacon and eggs!!! ;)

Stéphanie xx

Yes.... wearing my favorite shirt! Love the big buttons and the funky sleeves!


Kataroo said...

you are so beautiful! You can really see the weight you have lost in these pics. I love the one of you and Magali leaning in and shot from above.

Diva Loca said...

wow wow wow - stunning pics!
you look fabu! wooo hooo on the size down. yeah baby.

these are going to make great pics for scrapping indeed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steph, you have lost so much weight!!! Wow you look beautiful!!!! Love your pics.


Closet Artist said...

You are the incredible shrinking woman! Congratulations to you!
Happy thanksgiving to you and I see a beautiful acrylic album in your future full of those fabulous pictures!

Rachel said...

LOOK AT YOU GORGEOUS LADY! You look amazing and i REALLY WANNA SCRAP that second one of just you! I love the expression on your face! LOL


Anonymous said...

Salut Steph,

C'est vrai que Lolo était formidable au piano en tentant de jouer frère jacques alors qu'il lisait une partition de Mozart... Un vrai prodige! Je suis vraiment contente des photos, j'ai bien hâte de voir les beaux projets à venir!


barb said...

wow wow wow! What beautiful photos! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. :)

Mellisa said...

i second, third, forth and fifth what everyone else said. Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful family!! I got your ATC in the mail, THANKS and I love it!! Any time you want to trade just say the word and I'll shop one up for you!! Have a great weekend! xox.

Marlene said...

Gorgeous photos - you are looking fabulous Stephanie. Your face is looking so slim! Congrats on the weight loss.