Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!!

Here are my ATC's for the Scrapbox! Mailed also a few days ago one of them to Catherine and will prep a few more this w-end to have them ready for futur swaps!!!! :) Love to make them! It's a few hours (if you do almost 20) but love the "chain work" wile creating them! I made them directly on a playing card (oup's forgot to take that side of the ATC) and used Crackle Paint by Tim Holtz, Inks, Making Memories Acrylic Stamps, Bazzill scallops stripes, Heidi Swapp Jet Bling and the glitter foams also by Making Memories!

Halloween is a big thing where I work! Every department dresses up and selects a theme and almost all the employees dresses up! it's amazing all the energy that "WE" big kids put in decorating also our cubicles! A few years ago we were even featured on CTV during the lunch segment! Here's a few pics that i wanted to share.....
The full customer service center decorated and we had our lights closed from 10 am to noon when all the other departments came and visited!
Me (in red) with Dustin one of my colleagues - our them was Haunted House
General Manager and Executive assistant - Wizard of Oz
Finance - Toy Land (imagine a group of 25 in crazy costumes.... enven one as a Care Bear!)
HR girls - Famous Movies
Customer services reps - The Witch's Lair
Safety Group - wow a real "blow up" pumpkin that takes up half of the hallway and a full cubicle! They were dressed like a Creepy Country fair - AMAZING!
Happy Halloween and enjoy your w-end!
St├ęphanie xx


Anonymous said...

Love your ATC cards Steph!! One of these days I am going to have to check out what you do on those Friday nights!!!! Thanks for sharing your pics from work!!! Looks pretty cool!!!

Anonymous said...

That was me Suzane. LOL!!

Closet Artist said...

Happy halloween to you!
LOVE your ATCs! Perhaps in the new year we will have to do a swap.

Kataroo said...

YOur office is a HOOT!!! Those ATCs ROCK ROCK ROCK the candy CORN!!

barb said...

Wow wow wow! What a fun workplace, Steph! Happy Halloween to you too!

P.S. Great ATCs! :D

Anonymous said...

Love the ATCs. Your office seems like it has lots of spirit. Only a few people dressed up at work so they really stood out.


Diva Loca said...

atcs are SO PRETTY! you impressed and "frightened" me with the tim holtz stuff you used - nightmares from last weekend all coming back to me!!!

looks like the office was a BLAST!!!

Catherine said...

ooooh, yeah!! I can't wait to get that in the mail, it looks gorgeous! THANKS Stephanie!! Happy All Soul's Day!! xox.

Dorrie's Blog said...

Oh I remember that about the office at Fisher!!! Looks like fun! Tell everyone I said I... love those ATC's btw!!!

Marlene said...

What a fun place to work! It is awesome that so many participate.

Your ATCs are amazing - your work is fabulous!