Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Scrapbox's First Annual Halloween Charity Event

At the Store, on Sat Oct 25 starting at 12pm up to 6pm!
The 501st Legion (aka Star Wars Bad Guys in costume!) have volunteered their time and specialized props and equipment to help raise funds for a very special cause "Scrapping with Cancer" at The Scrapbox Studio!

We here at The Scrapbox would like to invite you to come on down and support us in our efforts to give children afflicted with cancer a way to deal with the difficult journey back to full health!

So they have agreed to join us from noon until 6pm in our own Scrapbox Studio to have their picture taken with any and all who wish it for a small fee. These fees will be given in its entirety to 'Scrappin with Cancer'. Neither the 501st, nor The Scrapbox, will be receiving any of the "picture taking funds" collected during this event. All will be forwarded to Brody and to creating his Scrapbooking Kits.
There are many ways you can join in on this very fun event and support us on Sat, Oct 25. Please read on for more info or call us at 613-745-2215. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you!
PS Jenn will be featured on Rogers TV at 11am on Monday make sure to watch it! I know that she will be talking about upcoming classes and the fun raising event with the 501st Legion. I was lucky enough to met some and have my picture taken with the boys! They are a really amazing group! Stephane is planing to join the local Legion and is currently working on finishing his costume!!! He just can't wait!


Marlene said...

What a fun photo - that is such a great idea for fund raising at the Scrap Box.

Kataroo said...

you look so cute!!!!

barb said...

A great photo of you and the 501st Legion guys! They were at our school this past spring (see my blog for a LO of my dh and one of the Storm Troopers), but my boys weren't really into Star Wars at the time... and now, they are TOTAL fans. We will definitely be dropping, with my boys in their new Star Wars Halloween costumes, on Saturday. :)