Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A "Touch of Citrus Bling"

A few extra touches were added and finally the pages were flipped to help with the flow... ;) !
As per Jenn's e-letter, this will be the class for Sept 18th. Layout is perfect not only for flowers, but Pool side, summer fun, little girls or little babies~!

Going to bed... it's so late!

Right page
Left page


Gwendolyne said...

I see Scrap booking is really quite the thing. I was in Chapters last night and saw a entire wall of paper designed products for this new trend. Nice to see people like yourself showing your creations.

Rachel said...

LOVE THIS Steph!!! IRL is so much better as you can see all the little details and sparkle!

It was so great to see you Thurs night!