Friday, August 29, 2008

"Stefy" Twain!

A fun day at work!
It's our last free Friday Jeans day, starting next week until next June if we want to wear jeans at work on Fridays, we need to pay 2$. It's been 2 years in a row that we are donating all funds received to the Ottawa Children Snowsuit Foundation. Usually we donate $10 000 per year!

So today was a special theme to celebrate the last casual Friday and here's what I look like! I added posters of my soon to be appearance at the "Nashville Star" contest with my new upcoming release ..." OAC, I feel like a woman!" (OAC is our building/group location)

Last night I worked on my Sonoma class, will post beginning of next week the final project. Everything is falling into it's place.



barb said...

Steph, you're a funny gal! Great photo of you. :)

Closet Artist said...

You are looking fabulous!!

Kataroo said...

you look AWESOME, wow your kicking butt on WW, your more gorgeous than ever!!!

Mellisa said...

Love it!!!

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you look awesome!!!!!