Monday, August 18, 2008

USA w-end and some much needed rest!

Since last Thursday I'm battling a COLD.... yes you read correctly a COLD!!! This is completely horrible to have during summer. I took off work Thursday and Friday I just felt so dizzy and exhausted.... and just slept all day.

Saturday we went to the Syracuse "area" with Laurie and Denis. Again I tried my best to not talk to much, but just wasn't able! My voice today is a tad better but I am still congested and coughing. These are the yummy thing I got in our different stops that we made:We B' Scrappin' AMAZING store if your looking to find one in that area, Target, Joann Superstore (all scrapbooking 40%), A.C. Moore and Michaels! Thanks Stephane for the lovely treats!!! XX

Sunday was simple: sleeping until 11, surfing the net, watching 24, taking a nap and scrapbooking!

Tonight I'm finishing my 2 page layout class for September 18 and if you like yellow's and lime's this is the class for you! Photo's will be posted tomorrow!

Enjoy your week!
*Virtual hugs* to make sure I don't spread my germs!


Kataroo said...


barb said...

Oooooh, look at all that yummy goodness! I see all that product and think I could NEVER use it all, but your pages are so rich with embellishments, I just KNOW you'll put it all to good use. YAY!

And the class on the 5th... I can't wait! :)

Closet Artist said...

Oh my gosh we were in Syracuse on Saturday as well and hit the EXACT same stores as you did!!! And I had to practice EXTREME restraint in We B' Scrappin"!!!!

Rachel said...

HUGS BABYCAKES .... feel better soon!