Friday, August 29, 2008

"Stefy" Twain!

A fun day at work!
It's our last free Friday Jeans day, starting next week until next June if we want to wear jeans at work on Fridays, we need to pay 2$. It's been 2 years in a row that we are donating all funds received to the Ottawa Children Snowsuit Foundation. Usually we donate $10 000 per year!

So today was a special theme to celebrate the last casual Friday and here's what I look like! I added posters of my soon to be appearance at the "Nashville Star" contest with my new upcoming release ..." OAC, I feel like a woman!" (OAC is our building/group location)

Last night I worked on my Sonoma class, will post beginning of next week the final project. Everything is falling into it's place.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dealing with Maya not being with us anymore... + other news

Well it is now almost one week since Maya is no longer with us and yes it is really difficult on us. Adapting to a house that is "not animated" with this special fur ball... following us every where... is truly harder that we had thought it would be.

It's difficult for both of us. We are always wondering if Maya is just in another room or hiding. Looking at his "favorite spots" and not seeing him is another thing that is hard. To remember all the good times or why he was so special to us is what we are trying to do... to move on.

In the past days we also remembered more memories of him... How we would snuggel with Stéphane on the coach or the chair using his full body, how he would play the piano with my open boxes of my scrapbooking kits received, loving to be scratched on his chin, running after wrapped candies and breying them back to us (as a teenager!), rubbing his face on my feet when I was waking up or out of the shower, lifting his uper lip as a sign of "Stop playing with me I just want relaxe now" or just waking up and having one eye open!

I wanted to say a special THANKS to all the heartfelt comments for the last post. It is really appreciated, mented alot to us and touched both our hearts. Also THANK YOU to friends that were just their to listen to me or offered their shoulder, hugs and the comforting tap on the hand ~ especially you, Mellisa.

Next week we are planning of adopting a little kitten and we just can wait to spoil him with our love and care. Looking for a male grey tabby kitten, 3 names picked we just need to see him to figure what we will select.

This weekend we are travelling to Montréal to see my family and our friends. The plan is simple: To ENJOY the weekend and relax! Saturday is not really planned yet but I know that we will be with Magali, Maxime and Loic. Sunday is a busy day! It's the birthday party for Loic and he will be 3! Then in the evening Magali and me are going to see Celine Dion! Our boys gave us the tickets for Valentines day! We just can't wait! Monday my parents will be back from New Brunswick and we will celebrate their wedding anniversary and my brothers birthday! After that vroom vrom back to Ottawa to enjoy the rest of the long w-end!

On a creating note:
Creating is really hard this week. The past days I was surfing lost of blogs to get the "creative juices" flowing again~! I think I'm ready now and tonight it's the night! The only thing that I managed to do this week was to cut fabrics for my fabric swap on "Bad Girls" and creating special ATC's as a "Enjoy" the fabrics and thanks for playing along to all 12 girls! This was my first official swap and really enjoyed it! My little ATC are really similar from the ones I made last week, but they have added benefits to them! Each participant got their name on it and on the back i added my photo, my blog link, the date, a special memo and their batch number for the set 12.

2 post ago I was referring to "my things to do" list... Well one thing done and now Sonoma accordion album and Jenni Bowling kit, here I come!!!!
Enjoy your day and w-end I don't think I will post until Monday!
Stéphanie xx
P.S. I know it's a long one, but I guess I needed to chat!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saying Good Bye to Maya - Sept 2001 - August 23, 2008

To remember the good is my top 10 favorites memories of Maya during the past 7 years...

1. Helped with my transition of moving from Montreal to a Ottawa
2. As a baby he would sleep in the bathroom sink, with water dripping on him
3. Gave the paw, the "other paw", indicated in which hand was the treat...
4. His love for Water...
5. When he was doing the "bunny" on his back while sleeping
6. Greeting us at the front window with little "hi" on the window or at the front door
7. Loving all the hand made "home" that Stéphane built for him: hammock, tent with pillow and "cat doll", Window Unit 1 and 2
8. Following us every where we went in the house
9. His little paws under the doors when they were closed for what ever reasons
10. or just... Sleeping on me in the most unusual positions!

A precious friend to remember...

Week recap

The past week was a busy one!

Thursday night I was teaching my Altered Chipboard Album at the Scrapbox! What a amazing evening!!!! 11 wonderful ladies (Jan, Rachel, Suzane, Anne, Vicki, Claire, Megan, Lisette, Pauline, Lorrie and Joanne.) They we all very patient with the "no-voice" situation of the instructor!!! :) All left with a completed project!

Friday mid afternoon - Confirmed with my Dr that I don't have just a cold... it's more like Bronchitis or Walking now I'm talking antibiotics... hope i will be feeling better soon.

Then in the evening it was my first ATC event at the Scrapbox.
Here are a few samples of what I created for the swap. Called "Diva Delight" a series of 12 were created for my first try of making ATC's using the papers from the Runway collection of Heidi Swapp! Added satin ribbon, used the Fiskars punch, Crystal Lacquer (my favorite thing to jazz up paper), 7 Gypsie's punch, letter stickers, flowers and buttons! What a fun thing to do and will be attending more of these swaps at the "Box" !!!

Saturday was the yard sale at the store! 14 vendors in total and we had lots of fun all day! I didn't planned to have a crazy week so I didn't bring all that I wanted to bring to sell, so next time around that Jenn plans this - my name will be again on the list!
And today on Sunday... leaving Home from some good scrap therapy at Laurie and Denis. The boys are going to play XBOX and us girls are going to play in Laurie's Room! i have planned to work on a few things:
1. Preparing my fabric swap for Bad Girls
2. My soon to be class for October at the Scrapbox with the Sonoma paper line of Scenic Route
3. and work on my Jenni Bowlin August kit
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A "Touch of Citrus Bling"

A few extra touches were added and finally the pages were flipped to help with the flow... ;) !
As per Jenn's e-letter, this will be the class for Sept 18th. Layout is perfect not only for flowers, but Pool side, summer fun, little girls or little babies~!

Going to bed... it's so late!

Right page
Left page

Yellow and Lime!

Here's the 2 page layout for the class on Sept 18 @ the Scrapbox!
I need to add something at the store tonight, but this is loaded with amazing products... such as flocking powders, Doodlebug Sugar Coated paper, Fancy Pants clear extras, Shimmerz, Stickles... Fun fun fun colors to help with all the rain that we are having in the past weeks!

Please note: other pictures than flowers can be use for this project (girls, trip at the park... pretty much anything!)

Make sure that if you want to join the class to call the store!

Page 2

Monday, August 18, 2008

USA w-end and some much needed rest!

Since last Thursday I'm battling a COLD.... yes you read correctly a COLD!!! This is completely horrible to have during summer. I took off work Thursday and Friday I just felt so dizzy and exhausted.... and just slept all day.

Saturday we went to the Syracuse "area" with Laurie and Denis. Again I tried my best to not talk to much, but just wasn't able! My voice today is a tad better but I am still congested and coughing. These are the yummy thing I got in our different stops that we made:We B' Scrappin' AMAZING store if your looking to find one in that area, Target, Joann Superstore (all scrapbooking 40%), A.C. Moore and Michaels! Thanks Stephane for the lovely treats!!! XX

Sunday was simple: sleeping until 11, surfing the net, watching 24, taking a nap and scrapbooking!

Tonight I'm finishing my 2 page layout class for September 18 and if you like yellow's and lime's this is the class for you! Photo's will be posted tomorrow!

Enjoy your week!
*Virtual hugs* to make sure I don't spread my germs!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Making Memories Passport Tag Album - September 5th and 25th at the Scrapbox

Here is the project for the first class that I will be teaching in September at the Scrapbox. From scratch you will be creating this tag album and it's perfect to store all your memories from a recent trip or to just give as a wonderful gift! Class will be Friday September 5th from 6 to 9pm. Make sure that if you wish to join to give a call to Jenn and reserve your spot! I think it's half sold out!
Have a great w-end!

**** Edited: The class on the 5th is sold out and now we decided to open a new night on the 25th. It is 3/4 sold out!!! Make sure to call the store if you wish to join us making this amazing mini! ****

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Such pretty girls now transformed to Two best friends!

Happy Wednesday!
Here's a page I did Monday night but redid the title last night before dropping it at the Scrapbox. Jenn asked me to do a page with this paper line by My Mind's Eye... she may order it... we will see! Well I jazzed it up with some Crystal Lacquer... my new favorite thing to do! It's the perfect touch for any papers and I just added it to all the die cut flowers! I had a small title (see last image) and it was just lost with all the bling. So I added an additional strip of paper to cover it and added glittered Thickers instead and it balance more the page now with the black accents. Ohhhhh and Katie I was so inspired with your "paper ruffles" so I did one too on my page! Thanks
Later today or early tomorrow I will post pics of the Making Memories "Passport" tag album that I will be teaching on September the 5th at the Scrapbox. All ready 6 names since last Saturday ( the ladies taking my class got a preview!) So make sure if you are interested to call Jenn and sign up!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A nice little visit @ Katie's!

Katie I was really happy seeing you yesterday!
Wow... I think my last visit was more than one month ago.... boy do the girls grow up so fast and you look amazing and was great to have our little "grown-up" talk! I had the pleasure enjoying w/ Kayleigh the Mac photobooth! What a fun thing to do for hours... very addictive!!! Here's a few of miss K and me! Can't wait to scrap them!
Big hugs to the 3 of you and hope that you have a beautiful day with your girls.
Love ya lots!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A fun evening last night!

Last night @ the Scrapbox it was my "EUPHORIA" class and we had a blast!
A total of 6 ladies Liz, Cindy, Jeannine, Joanne, Jennifer and Audrey took the class + Sue will be enjoying a kit at home to create the 2 page layout!

Jennifer I was really happy meeting you last night and SO love your glasses!

Today @ the Scrapbox Jenn will be hosting a make and take featuring the Doodle bug Crushed Velvet Flocking powders! You will be using 3 different ways to apply the powders in 3 fabulous colors! Also featured to make it is the Tim Holzt ruler!!!! I really had fun creating this ATC and I hope you enjoy your visit at the Scrapbox too!

Also.... Mark your calendars ladies.... Friday, Sept 5 from 6 to 9, I will be teaching the "Making Memories Travel Tag Album"! Pictures and project at the store will be available soon! So it's time to gather all your favorites pictures of your last vacation or past ones!

I also have 2 other classes scheduled in September Thursday 18 & 25 - project and pictures to follow beginning of next week!

Have a super great Friday and Enjoy your weekend! I will be teaching a class Saturday afternoon - the Making Memories Noteworthy acrylic Album and in the evening going to the Casino Fireworks, I hope it doesn't rain!!!!!! * insert here: Crossing fingers*!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Canadian Scrapbooker magazine - December 2008!

I decided to work on being published a few months ago (big dream since I started scrapbooking) and this morning in my inbox I had a email from Canadian Scrapbooker requesting my layout!!!!! My first time being published!!!! I am so happy..... *** insert here: jumping up and down***!!!! They needed layouts with a "postage theme" and I sent one that I just recently did in April. I will be able to share with you in December which one it is, because it was removed this morning from my gallery and my blog post.

Thanks to all my supporters that were pushing me to send my work Katie, Rach, Mellisa, Tanya, Barb, Jenn, Pattie and so many others!

Have a happy WEDNESDAY!!!!
Hugs Stéphanie

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A few American Crafts pages

A few pages with tones of American Crafts products! "Simpler lines" that I'm use to do but it goes with the product and the company trend!

I had a great w-end, lots of rain at the Nascar Race in MTL! Then went to see Batman, what a great movie!!! Sunday was relax: Enjoyed the pool and corn on the cob! Monday we went to pick up my parents at the airport; they had a lovely trip in Europe visiting my sister! And hop we drove back home to enjoy a few episodes of 24, season 5!

Enjoy your week, a busy one for me... 2 classes @ the Scrapbox this week!
ps... thanks Katie for the pick for your niece... is she so beautiful or what!